• you dread getting dressed each day

  • you have a lot of clothes, yet “nothing to wear”

  • you claim you have “no style”

  • your life circumstances or your body has changed, but your clothes have not

  • you’ve had the same clothes since college—or even worse—high school

  • you notice someone else’s style and wonder if you could “pull that off”

  • you’re overwhelmed by the amount of merchandise at a store, spending hours shopping, yet coming home with nothing

  • you’ve wasted money on clothes you don’t really like and will never wear

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Never Again: "I hate my clothes"



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Shopping doesn't have to be confusing or overwhelming!


Style EVALUATION + Closet Audit

(2 hour minimum)


Engaging in a honest conversation enables me to understand your current sense of style, and how you would like your style to evolve.  Maybe you’ve always been somewhat conservative, but now you’ve reached a point in your life when you’d like to be more trendy…?  Or maybe you’ve never been able to decipher what your style is…?  The first step is getting your personality and wardrobe in sync—find the spirit that radiates from within, and translate that spark into your outfits.  I will analyze your color palette and body-type, assess your wardrobe, and give you the tools to develop your unique personal style. This is all about YOU.

Then we proceed to your closet…

Piece-by-piece we look at your wardrobe, and determine its usefulness in your daily life. What stays?  Clothes that (1) you love, (2) flatter you, (3) you will enjoy wearing when the occasion arises and (4) make you feel and look fabulous.  What goes? Anything that does not compliment your shape or skin-tone, poorly fitting and out-dated pieces, random items that don’t integrate with your wardrobe, garments that don’t mesh with your style, and clothes that no longer suit your lifestyle—essentially, anything “meh”.  I create a wish-list to fill in the missing puzzle pieces of your wardrobe. Finally, we’ll talk about what’s next for your discarded items—consign or donate? I will manage that process for you. I’m on your team.

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Personal Shopping

(per hour)


Soon after your Style Evaluation, it’s time to shop. Based on your specific needs and budget, I’ll select the stores that will best accommodate you. I arrive before our appointment time, choose merchandise for you (in your size and color palette), and keeping in mind your body-type challenges.  This is particularly efficient and cost-effective, as many hours can be wasted roaming the stores in confusion—I will save you MONEY and TIME.

I encourage clients to bring clothes from their closet to combine with new pieces in the store, breathing new life into them.  I obsess over the details…do you have the right handbag/undergarments/jewelry?  All you have to do is have an open mind, and try on clothes.  Once we determine your favorites, then we’ll prioritize which items get to go home with you. 

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Outfit Coordination

(per hour)


With a little creativity, clothes you already own can be refreshed by putting together new outfits—combinations that you’ve never tried before. I will provide you with a collection of photos for your reference incorporating new items into your existing wardrobe, so getting dressed is quick and easy. I’ll also show you how to update with minor alterations (shortening sleeves/hemlines or tapering slacks), so that you can continue to wear these treasured pieces—think of it as a “facelift for your wardrobe”!

Once we’re acquainted, you can ask me to look out for a particular item, and I’ll keep it on my radar until I find it for you.  I can shop for you and deliver the merchandise to your home OR we can communicate via email and I’ll select items on-line.  Whether it’s a general request—a trench coat, for example—or a specific request—the Cole Haan trench coat from page 103, In Style magazine, September issue—I will do my best to locate what you’re looking for. 

Have you ever received an invitation to a party, and the suggested attire is “Country Club Casual”, “Festive Beach”, or “Urban Chic”—what does that even mean? I will translate this for you, and curate the right outfit.   I’ve got this—the appropriate underpinnings, jewelry, wrap, bag, and most importantly, shoes for a big event.  Who knows?  You may already own the dress, and an accessory re-boot is all you need to update your look.

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Travel Wardrobing

(per hour)


Organizing your costume changes while traveling—a month in Europe or three days at a conference in Dallas—can be stressful.  Whether your priority is functionality or chic-ness, your travel wardrobe will be selected for you efficiently with style.  My clients have called upon me to pack for trips all around the world—hiking Machu Pichu, an African safari, a business trip to Dubai—I’ll handle the outfits while you plan the trip.

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(Custom Men’s Clothing)


 Men, I got you, too! Today’s men’s business attire runs the gamut from very casual to traditional suiting.  Unfortunately, sometimes laziness plays a factor in how a man dresses, whether for work or social occasions. With J.Hilburn, his clothes will be made to his measurements and fit preferences, and the brand offers everything from casual clothing (including a golf collection) to formal-wear. Taking measurements and selecting fabrics takes place at his home or office which provides the ultimate convenience. And, the result is the best-dressed man in the room. 

Take a peek at the latest J.Hilburn look book here.

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Fashion parties, special events + Business Presentations


At-home fashion parties for social groups are always fun—a gathering for friends to find inspiration and guidance on fashion trends. Special events + fashion shows are my specialty, and I have produced programs for National Charity League, Diablo Magazine and Blackhawk Women’s Group.  Finally, I conduct customized group business presentations for companies like Deloitte, Betts Recruiting, BVOH, and Edward Jones.

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